Coppa Negroni Cocktail 70cl


Coppa Negroni is the ultimate Italian aperitif. A complex and delicious cocktail with fruity aromas and herb flavors that is easy to enjoy. Pour straight from the fridge into your glass of choice over ice. Garnish with a slice of orange. At a festive outing or to complement a dinner at home. Originated in Italy, the mix of vermouth, gin and bitter liqueur paved the way for the contemporary Coppa Negroni. This iconic cocktail classic was first mixed in 1919 in the beautiful Tuscan capital of Florence. By adding gin instead of soda water, Coppa Negroni suddenly got that irresistible flavor punch, popular among cocktail lovers worldwide. With time, the Negroni proved to be a cocktail trend worth keeping. With flavor notes of cherry, wine, citrus and bitter.

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70cl (Serves 10)




Store in a clean, cool, dry and odourless place



Preparation and Usage

Add gin instead of soda water to get irresistible flavor punch, garnish with Orange slice


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