Ketel One Vodka 70cl


Ketel One Vodka 70cl is a Super premium vodka, recommended by top bartenders, from the Nolet Family Distillery, Schiedam, Holland. It has been crowned ‘Best Selling Vodka’ and ‘Most Trending Vodka’ in the 2015 ‘World’s 50 Best Bars Brand Report’ by Drinks International. A combination of pot-still and modern distillation. Every batch personally approved by the Nolet family. The crisp and sophisticated taste of Ketel One delivers an exceptional drinking experience, whether sipped pure or in cocktails. To the Nolet family, Dutch distillers of Ketel One Vodka, quality is worth going above and beyond for. It’s why bartenders across the world recommend Ketel One as their vodka of choice. The Nolets might work in unexpected ways, but they don’t do it just to be different. They do the unexpected because it’s how true quality is achieved. Using their extensive experience in distilling excellence, the Nolets have created a vodka that’s like no other. Inspired by more than 300 years of family tradition and distilling expertise. To this day, production is still overseen by the family, who personally taste and approve every batch before the liquid is bottled.

Distilled with the utmost care using only the finest ingredients, and using the 19th Century coal-fired copper pot still, among other copper pot stills and modern distilling techniques, the exceptional smoothness of Ketel One® Vodka is created.

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Tasting Notes

Fresh citrus nose, silky soft on the tongue with a crisp, lively tingle to finish

Preparation and Usage

Ketel One Vodka has a citrus, crisp & sophisticated taste best enjoyed in cocktails such as the Bloody Mary, the Martini, the Dutch Mule or even ‘on the rocks


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